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Video Social Media



S O C I A L   M E D I A   P A C K A G E S

Marketing with video

leverages the near-magical engagement powers of video to deliver your message. And what a messenger it is! Video is a content marketing triple-threat, proven to get more attention, better interaction, and greater results than other content types on all the major marketing channels.

The process

for marketing with video works like any other kind of content marketing, just using videos as the content. We start by creating videos about your company, products, and services. Then you distribute your videos out through your content marketing channels.

Reach & time

If you want to reach more customers quickly in a more personal way, let us transform your social media accounts with high – quality video content. We let you get back to managing your business, while we manage and grow your company social media footprint.

The Idea of Video SMM based on subscription




2 new videos/Monthly*

Duration: Receive two to three-minute videos, with two new pieces delivered monthly over a 12-month period. in HD quality

Pre-Production Consultation: Engage in a one-hour preparatory meeting where we collaborate to flesh out your vision and objectives for the project.

Scripting Made Simple: Choose from three meticulously crafted script templates. Each is structured to concisely convey the essence of your business—highlighting the who, what, why, how, and where.

On-Site Filming (4 Hours): Our team will arrive at your premises or a location of your choosing* to capture high-quality video footage. This includes your scripted piece to camera and dynamic b-roll that showcases the nuances of your enterprise.

Soundtrack Licensing: Enhance your video with a professionally licensed music track. Not only does this support the original artist, but it also ensures your content is ready for worry-free social media sharing, free from copyright restrictions.

Post-Production Precision: Each video includes an opportunity for one technical revision, ensuring your final product is polished and aligned with your expectations.

*Subscription min contract length: 12 Months commitment.

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3 new videos/Monthly*

Quantity and Duration: Receive three videos monthly, each up to three minutes in length, produced consistently over a 12-month commitment, all in stunning HD quality.

Pre-Production Strategy Session: Dedicate an hour-long meeting to develop your project’s strategy, where we’ll align our creative process with your business goals.

Customizable Scripting: Select from our array of script templates designed for adaptability and impact, ensuring your message is delivered with clarity and captures the core values of your brand.

Extended On-Site Filming (6 Hours): Our professional crew will film for six hours at your business location or another selected venue*, focusing on a narrative-driven delivery of your script and immersive b-roll to highlight your business environment and activities.

Curated Soundtrack: Each video is accompanied by a handpicked, licensed music track, uplifting your content while remaining compliant with social media standards for an unimpeded sharing experience.

Final Cut Precision: You have the advantage of one technical revision to fine-tune the final draft, guaranteeing that the video meets your standards before it premieres to the world.

*Subscription min contract length: 12 Months commitment.


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5 new videos/Monthly*

Volume and Duration: Receive five bespoke videos each month, with each production up to three minutes long. This service is delivered with a dedication to consistent quality over a 12-month period, ensuring your message is broadcast in crystal-clear HD.

Strategic Pre-Filming Consultation: Engage in a focused one-hour meeting designed to strategize the direction of your project, tailoring our creative approach to fit your brand’s unique narrative.

Tailored Scripting Experience: Benefit from a customized scripting process, offering scripts that are not just templates but are adapted to encapsulate the individuality of your brand, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

Extensive On-Site Filming (12 Hours across Two Days): We provide a comprehensive 12-hour filming schedule, split over two days, at up to three locations of your choice**. This allows for a rich variety of content, from direct script delivery to evocative b-roll that truly represents the scope of your operations.

Exclusive Premium Soundtrack Selection: Your videos will feature exclusively chosen premium licensed music, adding an aura of sophistication and ensuring all content is harmonious with social media guidelines for seamless sharing.

Detailed Technical Review: We offer one detailed technical revision, allowing you to fine-tune and suggest modifications to the final draft, ensuring the end product not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

*Subscription min contract length: 12 Months commitment.

**Please note: The filming locations must be confirmed in advance and are limited to a maximum of three for optimal logistics and production quality.


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