Part No.

01. Retail

We provided extensive coverage of external architectural shopping centre photos, including aerial and internal retail stores imagery. This wide range of images will help our client with all marketing projects in their future.

Part No.

02. Event

As all PR specialists will recognise, image itself is not enough – the context is what makes this work. We provided a lot of lifestyle images and event shoots from the grand opening day.

Part No.

03. Video

In high speed internet era you can’t give up video coverage of your project. We have delivered various sets of video clips from shorts for social media to a few minutes long for Youtube and Internal screens use. Some of the edits also include time lapse videos from the shopping center construction etc.


Tarneit Central first day in business

and great for press releases



external images


Hospitality area

coffees and Bars at Tarneit Central


Busy image

for great PR projects


Overall centre interior views

great for social media purposes


Images with small details

always handy for promotion designs


Welcoming and Epic

some images have to be bold in your future campaigns


Single store focused images

must have for retails promotional purposes


Retail Retail

never enough images of your stores


Create an image of the shopping centre that will include major retail brands with an interesting architectural look to be very representative of our client


Image was selected to use on the ‘About Us’ section on our client’s website.


Images captured for this project


Really busy retailers


Hours of photo shoot

Promotional Video

One of the video clips created for the client to be used as a Shopping Centre Promotional video in social media, TV and internal screens; Tarneit Central Video.

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