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Video Web Streaming - Sunshine Coast - Brisbane - Melbourne

Why today web video streaming is important?

In the time of social distancing caused by global epidemic Live streaming (to web and mobile devices) for conferences, churches, event companies and major industry events has been an important and fast growing necessity. The perceived risk to ticket sales from giving consumers ‘free’ access to keynote speeches and panel discussions has been outweighed by the significant uplift in reach, social conversation, health security and awareness generated for the events.

Moreover, the speakers themselves benefit from taking their message to a much wider, potentially global, audience and this exposure is valuable for both the invited guests and the organizers. Industry events and conferences are a platform for articulating strategies, opinions and product capabilities for large and small businesses alike – the more people that get to hear this message, the more useful (and relevant) the conference becomes.

Increase your audience with live stream

  • Churches – You pour your heart into your ministry; wouldn’t it be great if there were a way for your message to touch more lives?
  • Sports – Youth, High School, College, Professional.
  • Events – Your neighbors, customers, fans and patrons are already on their tablets, smart phones and computers. Whether you are a library, school board, city council or arts center, you can reach them
  • Municipalities – Government Should Be Transparent. Ready to go live?
  • Associations – Improve How You Reach and Involve Members
  • Enterprises –  Streaming enables your organization to bring your audience together. Our innovative streaming service makes it easy for businesses to efficiently and securely deliver video instantly.

We can stream to your website as embedded code to your landing page or to most popular video sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Web Video Streaming


  • 2 Hours Streaming service*
  • HD Broadcast Camera
  • Live Embedding
  • Chat / Poll Available

Price excludes GST



Video Web Streaming


  • 4 Hours Streaming service*
  • Two HD Broadcast Cameras
  • Live Embedding
  • Chat / Poll Available
  • Powerpoint Presentation Embedded

Price excludes GST



Video web streaming subscriptions are available

* time coverage in all packages includes the time necessary for equipment setup at clients location.

Video Web Streaming


  • 6 Hours Streaming service*
  • Two/Three HD Broadcast Cameras + Studio Lighting
  • Live Embedding
  • Chat / Poll Available
  • Powerpoint Presentation Embedded
  • Backup 4G Cellular broadcast channel
  • Digital Recordings

Price excludes GST



Life is better live
Stream your events live with us.

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