Wide brief project

This is one of the full scale projects completed by our studio. We were commissioned by centre management to photograph the premises during different parts of the day, during everyday activities but also during events organised by the centre. We were shooting from the ground and from the air (from drones and airplanes ) – providing aerial content for our client.
This was one of our flagship shopping centres for photography and videography projects.

The recipe

For this calibre of project, initial research was required to identify the best parts of the day for certain shopping centre buildings and elements. As the open plan is a main key of the centre design, we wanted to follow the architectural flow in the design to emphasise how this translates to a better shopping experience for customers.

Project fusion

One of the challenges during this project was to decide what is more appealing to B2B centre customers (vendors) and what is best for illustrative purposes for the end customer. Here is where the marketing strategy played huge role in the selection of the photos and video shoots.

Different Medias

The outcome of the project has to be suitable for use in different media types. From large scale prints to advertising leaflets and posters with content feed for social media centre channels.
The final photo library was able to secure a few years of activity for most of the marketing channels required for centre advertising operations.

Marketing blocks

We have prepared video segments that have the ability to be combined into final, specifically profiled, video clips. This gives our client the flexibility to run many marketing campaigns smoothly, without the need to re-shoot for new material with each marketing project.

After project service

As we keep all photo/video material in our archives, never will there be a problem to create a new format of the files after the end of the project should our client need it. This gives a peace of mind to our customers – as in many cases the updated IP platforms requires new formats of the files etc. so we are here to help in an ongoing capacity.

We are working closely with

Marketing divisions and shopping centre management, as well as asset and property management companies, to give them the best content for their marketing campaigns. From grand opening events, property, environmental photography to holiday events, community projects etc. we can deliver short photo/video stories about centre retail vendors with great material to feed any webpage and bring a lot of user activity to social media channels.

For video production we can supply talent, voice overs etc. Bring to us your ideas, brief, etc. and we will be able to build with you your best visual marketing strategy for your project.

Please check Our videos created for this project.