Capturing Coastal Elegance: Armada Studios' Product Photography for "The Alfresco Room"

  • Product photography with a white background.
    (from the smallest bowls to the 8-seater corner sofas)
  • Lifestyle products photography
  • Store/Showroom photography
  • Update product images.

A White Canvas

The partnership began with a challenge: to create a crisp and clean catalog with product images against a white background. This minimalist approach laid the foundation for the viewers to focus solely on the furniture - each piece's unique design, texture, and quality. From consoles and buffets to sun lounges and sideboards, each product was showcased with immaculate detail.

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Lifestyle in Focus

Beyond the catalog images, the project expanded into the vibrant and beautifully designed Acres Noosa store, where "The Alfresco Room's" pieces were artfully displayed. Here, Armada Studios embarked on a lifestyle photography session that encompassed the true essence of coastal living.

Capturing furniture in real-life scenarios not only allowed for a genuine connection between the products and the viewer but also demonstrated how these pieces could breathe life into spaces both inside and outside the home.

Ongoing Partnership: Updates and Adaptations

The main photography session was just the beginning. Armada Studios and "The Alfresco Room" continued their collaboration with additional product update sessions, ensuring that the visual representation of the brand remained fresh, cohesive, and true to its evolving identity.

Photo Gallery below


Lifestyle images

Outdoor furniture in natural location


Products for catalogue

detail and quality - that's how we present The Alfresco Room products


Style & Elegance

this is what set apart these products from the competitors, and we know how to show that difference


From the big and bulky items


... to small and fragile items