Arkadiusz Rejman (Arek)

Born in Cracow, “city of kings” in Poland have moved to Melbourne “the best place to be” around fifteen years ago.

Happy husband and father of two lovely kids. Strongly focused on positive side of life with “can do ” attitude. Strong technological education merged with artistic soul  gives him ability to look at the photography projects from totally new perspective. He loves to travel in according to his credo that our life is a sum of experiences so always try to make a great ones – this also translate in to his business approach, always going a mile further than his clients expectations.


Find the beauty

in everyday

– our motto –

OK, let’s go even more personal here …


17 countries

visited during a lifetime, and everyone with great experience to learn about different culture, food and life style. Only travel can shape your life perspectives

DJ miusic & dance


these two sentences resonate with my soul. But my wife constantly reminds me that I’m much better with music than with dance LOL



No joking, seriously 🙂 My passion is photography and videography – but when I don’t shoot commercially I love to chase amazing landscapes …



I love to learn, I love to read … play with new ideas, technics, styles. This is a never ending story for me and alwys brings me a lot of joy.