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ACRES - Noosa

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Noosa Acres
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One of our favourite local projects on the Sunshine Coast in Noosa: Acres Noosa.  This project truly celebrated community, nature, wellness, and local businesses. Guided by the creative vision of The Ageing Sea agency, Armada Studios was entrusted with capturing the unique essence of each business operating within the dynamic Noosa Acres center.
From photographing the lush greenery at The Nursery at Acres to capturing the soul-soothing ambience of Zenko Yoga, we were there, cameras in hand, illuminating the heart of each enterprise. We were also delighted to encapsulate the coastal elegance of The Alfresco Room, the lively atmosphere of Forest Noosa Cafe and Bar, the reliable comfort of Daydream Leisure Furniture, the therapeutic environment of Osteos of Noosa, and the serene beauty of Noosa Skin Studio“.📸

Acres Noosa - Discover a sanctuary for your mind, body and home.

  • Photography – The Nursery
  • Photography – The Alfresco Room
  • Photography – Zenko Yoga
  • Photography – The Sanctuary at Acres
  • Photography – Daydream Leisure Furniture
  • Photography – Osteos Noosa
  • Photography – Noosa Skin Studio
  • Photography – Acres Noosa
  • 37 Gibson Road,
  • Noosaville Qld, 4556
Acres Noosa


Being part of such a diverse project was both challenging and rewarding. Each business within Noosa Acres holds a unique story and identity, and our mission was to visually translate these stories into compelling images that would resonate with visitors and the wider community.
The Acres Noosa project was an extraordinary journey that allowed us to showcase our retail and lifestyle photography specialisation. We’re incredibly grateful to The Ageing Sea for appointing us for this project, trusting in our expertise and the quality of our work. This partnership led to a series of powerful visuals that continue to inspire and attract visitors to this vibrant center.
The experience has fuelled our optimism and excitement for similar projects. If you’re looking for a photographic team to bring your retail space to life, we would be thrilled to work with you! At Armada Studios, we believe in the transformative power of images and are passionate about helping businesses shine.
Please reach out to us today to talk about your vision. Let’s create something extraordinary together.
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